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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted September 08, 2010 at 19:26:06

As I have already been in touch today with Graham regarding the passing along of kudos, I'll refrain from revealing more of my toady side. (But I did link to the post on my blog, I was so impressed...)

I will add something here that's not entirely self-serving. A good deal of what I've been producing over at My Stoney Creek has to do with addressing the end result of a system that I'm not convinced is productive, or for that matter, either humane or graceful. Graham has taken to task this end result, but my approach is from the other side, from the resident/voter side, with an examination of trying to create a greater 'relationship of engagement' between 'us' and our Councillors.

Two things: Firstly, Editor Ryan is directly responsible for my mania about this noodling; he offered up an answer to a question I posed him about six weeks ago regarding how to choose a good candidate. Now, his answer will, he tells me, form the basis of an editorial at some point. Suffice it to say that he inspired me to run with what I'm currently running with, so I am deeply indebted to him.

Secondly, this morning I sent out an email to both him and Cal DiFalco of 'The Hamiltonian', an invitation to put their massive brains together with mine (not massive, but it does get me into trouble, so at the least, it's effective. To a point.) and take a look at how to migrate to a culture where civic engagement is more the default than abject apathy.

Here's the invite-post:

And here's a followup from later today, courtesy of Mahesh Butani, who has also played his part in getting me to continue to examine this 'cause' with a sustained vigour:

Thanks again to Graham for providing me further impetus...just as unexpectedly, and just as effectively.

P.S. Anyone have any bets as to how any of the 15 Councillors would respond? Funny how this is the closest anything's come -that I've seen, anyway- to a 'performance review' of Council for this term...

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