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By Bill (registered) | Posted September 04, 2010 at 16:40:45

13 being considered an Unlucky Number by some people I think that Sheila Copps should throw her hat into the ring. Hey no matter what you individually think of her "She Is Nobody's Baby" which alone distinguishes her from most of "The RAT Pack " running! She has more "Balls" than the "Wusses" who are the so called front runners,has a "Wealth" of Experience Of having been and dealing with all levels of Governance,comes from a Family of "Outspoken Activists", and is a Scion of the last Decent and Intelligent Mayor we had, way back in our Glory Days before the "Forces Of Stupidity and Inaction" brought us to today's Decline and Insignificance as a Major Player in Ontario's Future!

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