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By westandonguard (registered) | Posted September 02, 2010 at 11:37:06

Right HamiltonFan. I don't have a problem with a small stadium (with a 3-4 phase growth implementation) at WH either. 5000-7,500 seat stadium expandable to say 15,000+. Be perfect to attracting a soccer legacy tenant for future use. Having said that, designs like the White Star 45,000 seat retractable roof stadium built with lots of glass, condo towers, connected waterfront paths, restaurants/shops and other features (including the GO/LRT rail connections) I've seen in their video don't look bland to me -- actually they look very inspiring. This shows there is some creative visionary thinkers/designers in this town who believe in WH potential. I've met that designer, asked him many questions, and he is a HUGE Ti-Cat fan.

Unfortunately I think the Ti-Cats have made this much more about them then it needed to be and the City along with its citizens got rounded up in high emotions. The Club played on that spell very well. The City voted on WH 7 times over the years, and they should say WE BUILD IT, WE PAY FOR IT, we have a plan, we have a vision, here is your amazing wonderful new home we've created for you -- now play the game for your fans so "we" the collective, can move on to more important issues of the day. This is surely a great compromise to living out your days in Ivor Wynne. Enough is enough. There is no time left.

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