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By brian (registered) | Posted September 01, 2010 at 19:50:45

If they do some kind of land swap which is being suggested it could possibly work. If you have to build 8 floor buildings instead of 4 floors for any more innovation it just build up. We dont have to like it but we know politicians and rich people could care less what we think. I dont think a few weeks is enough time to investigate another location, Confederation is out and so is the East Mountain. Even if the Ticats arent 100% certain that will be the right location i dont see them saying no this late in the game. If Mcmaster is on board and another vote happens (what would that be 8 now?) and they agree to it...oh well what can we do about it.

realfreeenterpriser a) it's a park, you idiots and b) it's not mutually agreeable ha ha exactly (confederation park). On that note im hoping they decide on Gage Park..they should put that to vote it would make almost as much sense to me.

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