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By brian (registered) | Posted August 31, 2010 at 23:47:33

Ticat Records since 1950-2009

1950-1969 169 wins 94 losses 6 ties = 63.2 %

1970-1989 152 wins 159 losses 9 ties = 48.75 %

1990-2003 99 wins 151 losses 2 ties = 39.2%

2004-2009 (Bob Young) 33 wins 74 loses 1 tie = 30.5%

I disagree Hamilton cant support a CFL team.I know that cant fully explain some of the bad crowds over the years but it sure goes to show how bad a team they have been since 1970. For most of those years the stadium has been regarded as a dump by many people despite the great view you get. It wasnt to the 80's they had anything decent of a scoreboard and that ballard era scoreboard was absolute crap. The concessions up into the last few years were disgraceful so were the bathrooms, press box, lighting and most of the time the field was worn. All that in my opinion has been the crowd problems not that Hamilton cant support a team. Except for a few seasons here and there all they did was get progressively get worse. In the 80's ballard threatened to move the team and the newspapers (mostly toronto) did nothing but bash the CFL for years. It was a almost weekly thing to bash the CFL in those days..of course the CFL owners and decisions didnt help things much. After the coming labor day game the ticats will be averaging 25,000 per game this year..that is close to where they need to be but altleast since 2009...they have actually won 50% of their games...

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