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By S. Woodside (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2010 at 20:04:26

I've got a lot of experience with the Waterloo "Research & Technology Park" which is the equivalent of the MIP. That experience tells me that it's not nearly as easy to build this kind of park as you might think, it takes a LONG time, and the location may not matter that much. For example, at the R&T park, the 2nd phase of the technology Accelerator Centre (of which my company was one of the original tenants) has actually been deployed far across the city in Kitchener from the ruins of an ancient tannery. There's a parallel there for moving MIP lands from longwood to West Harbour.

In short, the loss of MIP lands doesn't concern me, because the MIP is as much a concept as a place. They don't need to be in the Longwood location particularly, it's where space was made. So long as a new space is made available (and why not the west harbour) as part of this compromise, that's fine.

I'm a bit more concerned about the imposition of a stadium into that space, but that's more of a NIMBY reaction since I live near there, and I'm not sold on the idea of a stadium in the first place.

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