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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted August 31, 2010 at 17:37:35

Watching Marvin Ryder on CH now, and he's right, he's basically saying that there is an issue of the TigerCats losing money regardless of stadium site. He's basically saying the CFL in Hamilton might not be a good idea long term and I completely agree with the professor. And he's much smarter than I am.

random, just to let you know, London has a nicer arena than Copps, for the Knights in the OHL, and packs it 9000 every game and every game is an event there and I've been to games there and it beats the Bulldogs hands down for game experience but the TiCats are still no. 1 for me even if we don't have a JLC in class with either Copps or IWS. London is a city not based as much on heavy industry like Hamilton, more white collar than here. Which isn't good or bad but just maybe a bit more consistent in terms of employment.

But Marvin Ryder is a smart man and we should listen to him. Hamilton is too close to Toronto for it's own sports teams I think except for possibly an NHL team and only that because there is so many NHL fans in southern Ontario willing to travel for that league.

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