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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted August 31, 2010 at 16:59:52

FenceSitter, what we all need to do is answer how important is a new stadium and how important are the TigerCats to the community? I don't have answers for that. Yes, I a big CFL fan and love the TigerCats to death, I'm biased. But I'm not so sure that Hamilton can support a team any longer, 2 CFL teams in a close proximity to each other combined with, as I mentioned, the Bills with so cheap NFL ticket prices, well, maybe the ship has sailed.

I don't need the TigerCats in Hamilton as much as I'd like a team here, as long as Toronto or the Golden Horseshoe area has a team, I'm fine with that, just like going to a Jays or Raptors game, just one team in the area anyways. The CFL knows this. Hate to say it but Toronto is more important to the CFL than Hamilton and I want a stronger CFL before a team in hamilton. A WH stadium will not enhance the team or city much nor attract new types of fans IMHO and the team will continue to lose money and be on the verge of extinction year to year, on life support. And yes, a stadium even in the best location from a stadium point of view as BY mentions is no guarantee.

So, to play the devil's advocate, why don't we pack it in and give Toronto the money for the stadium and like most of us do now anyways, support their teams (BTW I'm a Habs fan in the NHL ;) ) The CFL might actually be better off for it and a lot of people in Hamilton don't give a rats you know what about the Cats, their team, the league they play in, the trophy they vie for, nor their tax money used for a stadium. Hey, I grew up an Argo fan in London Ontario anyways since I didn't want to associate myself with the city of Hamilton, that is the honest truth although I shouldn't say it but it is the truth. But I've learned to love the city in many respects and the team here but easy for me to jump on the good ship Argonaut or a merged team any second.

Hamilton is in tough economically as we know, luxuries like new stadiums and teams might not be there any longer unless there is someone or a corporation willing to give a huge gift to the city. BY is a businessman as we know and he doesn't have the money of an MLSE nor a team as popular as the Leafs. He can't afford to put millions into a stadium or team, he'll be bankrupt sooner rather than later, he needs help from the city and developers and other interested parties.

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