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By FenceSitter (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2010 at 16:30:26

HamiltonFan - Who you are and what are you ties?? This is not a question for you to answer (I am anonymous after all), but a question which many will ponder when trying to interpret your comments.

Your last comment was very important, if not a little sad.

You say the ship has sailed?? While I hate to say you are right, maybe we do tend to forget the recent history of financial instability of the Ticats. If the Cats were a regular business, they probably would not have survived the last 10 years. If the only thing that may save the Ti-Cats is a new stadium (but not guaranteed to save), then it is a pretty big risk of taxpayers money.

You mentioned people with no pride in city/team/stadium. Should we add country to that mix? This is our CFL. No one should be embarrassed or ashamed of the CFL. It is not the NFL, outside of the Grey Cup, you will not replicate the experience of 80,000 fans watching a Bills game. You will also not replicate the experience of Labor Day at IWS. (HF - I congratulate you for spending you money here).

We should all be looking at the roughriders for inspiration, not the NFL.

Bob Young once admitted his mistakes after a few years at the Ticats helm. He mentioned he tried to run the team like a business. The team is still paying for those mistakes. Business logic tells me (and Bob) to find a higher paying customer. Well, like it or not, football logic says otherwise. The Ti-cats have a solid blue coller support base. Try to change that overnight in a new stadium and we will all be fucked (WH or EM !!).

Do not try to chase the money going accross the border, or the money from some guy in London who answered some telephone poll and said he would come to a game if there was a new stadium. Nurture your current fan base, these are the fans who currently spend money and will continue to spend money in the future.

Rant over

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