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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted August 31, 2010 at 14:55:48

Andrea, I love the TigerCats but there are not enough of us. At least I spend my money in Hamilton, I've spent thousands over the years going to games and don't regret it at all, going to TigerCat games but I know many who were born and raised in this town and know it better than me and laugh at the stadium, where it is and the team associated with it and venture off to Buffalo in the US and spend hundreds of dollars each year on the Bills there. They have no pride in their city or their team or their stadium, they couldn't care less. It's not the "mighty NFL" and Buffalo is just an hour away with the cheapest seats in the NFL, to these people.

I think the ship has sailed on football in Hamilton perhaps unless this city builds a stadium by the highway that is state of the art and looks great and brings a better image to the city and football team. Buffalo is just too close. And has excellent parking combined with great highway access.

BY knows this and is ready to fold the tent here and I don't blame him at all and the CFL won't shed one tear whatsoever.

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