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By AndreaC (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2010 at 14:51:39

I'm a long-standing Ti-Cat fan, a legacy passed on from my father. However, since attaining adulthood and observing the perennial cellar-dwelling status of said team, I've come to be a fan in a "I realize how uncool and retro this organization really is, to the point where its almost cool again". But this latest debate has rubbed the lovability right off the black and gold for me. And being exposed to the thought processes of die-hard fans like HamiltonFan above has made me increasingly reluctant to identify myself as part of this group, who can be counted on to consistently disparage the city of Hamilton and the residents who are honestly trying to make a difference in revitalizing this great community. I used to think the Ti-Cats were a symbol of civic pride, a place for us to go and cheer with fellow citizens. I mean, ultimately isn't that what sports are for? Or do people really think that throwing a piece of leather through the air and knocking people over has a meaning that transcends the community that hosts, supports and subsidizes it?

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