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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted August 31, 2010 at 12:48:13

frank, if you want to get all emotional, I can say equally about our Mayor to how he has come across to me as to what you are saying about Bob.

But I don't wish to get too emotional or get into personalities as such. I wish to see this from a business and political perspective and keep personalities out of it.

Bob doesn't like the WH for a stadium and that is fine by me. I go to all TigerCats games, I don't care if they put the stadium in the middle of Lake Ontario, I'll still go. I have little or no emotions about all this "bad feeling" talk you speak of, I have no bad feelings whatsoever, although I will if my beloved TigerCats move out of the city or fold, I'm a huge TigerCat fan and CFL fan.

The city planning and political stuff doesn't crank me too much, I trust our politicians will do a good job building the city and working with business and other stakeholders to help better the city for all of it's citizens. I'm sure wherever a stadium goes, the city will see to it that it has some benefit for the city as a whole or else they should never agree to build it anywhere in the first place.

But I am very interested to see who wins Canada's national football championship this year, our Grey Cup trophy, next year and ever year after that, that does get me sort of worked up I have to admit. I like the escapism of sports like others do with music and theatre and film and reading etc.

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