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By brian (registered) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 22:06:41

Well those 2 games arent etched in stone, neither is Mark Cohen's job as commissioner. Two in ten years would be good as long as the Hamilton area can support having a grey cup of 45-50 thousand people. If they have to basically give away tickets to make make it 38,000 like the 96 cup it could be a problem. Not saying that will happen again but it is a complete unknown. If they can get on decent streak of winning seasons and especially if Hamilton were to actual get into it than it would be a easy sell out. The Montreal situation is still interesting to me. The owner played in a 20,200 seat stadium since 1997 and only to this year did they even get to a 25,000 seat stadium and the owner payed $6 million of his money to pay for part of the upgrade. With a sell out this Labor day Hamilton and Montreal will be neck and neck average attendance at the 25,000 mark. I can never recall Bob Wetenhall ever complaining about much despite the fact his team attendance has been lower than the Ticats. He was incredibly patient just to wait to get to a 25,000 seat stadium...i mean 13 years. Yes he was lucky having 2 grey cups and profited but just the yearly loses and that 6 million easily wiped that all out.

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