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By A Hamilton Fan (anonymous) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 18:33:41

Nothing in return, the revenue from a single Grey Cup brings an average of $100 million of business to the service and retail businesses in the city where the Cup is being held. Hamilton will be getting two in ten years if a stadium is built that can host a 45 to 50 000 seat event. There's your return, not to mention positive exposure the city could have from successfully holding an event.

You can't build a stadium like that there and it would be a night mare for those living there. Go to an Alouettes game and enjoy the one to two hour commute out of the stadium just to the downtown.

The return is the business generated from the event being held and if you build a venue that can be used for things other then football you will have more money coming it. Annnnd if a an amphitheater is built down at the WH, guess what you'll have a constant flow of people there too attending music, theater and cultural performances. Oh god and the businesses around that venue could make money too.

How the can you expect events to happen in this city if those holding the events don't profit from them? Develop the WH in a cultural arts community with the anchor attraction being a amphitheater. That would be very marketable for development to take off and be used regularly.

Epic bullshit, is that some people in Hamilton want everything fixed but don't want to pay for it. They want change but don't want to make it possible for people to change it. The epic bullshit is how Hamilton city government seems to screw up almost every good thing that tries to come into this city!

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