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By arienc (registered) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 17:20:40

I still don't see that site as workable for GO. GO is designed as mass commuter transit. Any deviation, additional stops, or jogs in the rout will extend the timelines for service.

There is also the requirment to have enough straight track for a 12-car train.

The Lakeshore West line currently runs westbound from Union Station to the Hunter St. terminal. While a station could be built near the site just south of King Street (in the park behind the Fortinos plaza), it would require the addition of a new stop that's not in plan. This would mean slower service for downtown commuters if it is built. It would also require some connection for pedestrians to cross the busy Main St. to access Frid, pedestrian connections to Aberdeen, and would be about 1 km walk from the stadium.

Plus, I think with the development of service to Niagara, the trains will be primarily using the lines further to the north, and the Hunter St. station would only see limited use. The closest potential stop for the all-day trains would be so close to the James/Stuart location as to make it unnecessary. Which means anyone coming to the stadium from Toronto would have to transfer first to the (not yet existing) A line, then to the (not yet existing) B-line.

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