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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 14:45:53

"You have to give Bob young credit. Unlike the city and many other, he is not fixated on one location. He is willing to work hard with the city on a compromise location (His preferred site is confederation park while the city want WH). Good job bob, you are a great Hamiltonian!"

This isn't a compromise, it's a last minute exercise in saving face.

Bob Young's letter is a desparate attempt to try to make this site appear far superior to and substantively different from the West Harbour so as to justify his last minute doublecross to hold taxpayers to ransom.

In reality, there's scarcely any difference. Both sites have similar pedestrian and GO access and the potential for LRT. That can't be said for Young's and The Tiger-Cats' preferred East Mountain and Confederation Park sites. Vehicular access is a bit of a tossup with the Longwood site being about a mile and a half (yes, that's all)closer to the 403, with the inherent potential for backups, while the West Harbour has far superior access to more arterial roads.

In the end, if this goes through, Fred Eisenberger doesn't come out of this looking bad at all. By having the courage to take a position on the West Harbour and oppose the sprawl-inducing East Mountain site he's managed to squeeze a site out of the Tiger-Cats that will work for most of us not just some of us.

That was NEVER Bob Young's plan.

Oh, by the way, where exactly was it that the Tiger Cats were going anyway?

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