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By Andrea (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 21:57:40

Let's get some perspective on what we actually know versus speculation. It's actually difficult for me to make an articulate comment because the developments we have been hearing of since Friday: apparently the Ticats are talking to the City, Burlington lost the soccer games, and now Markham has lost the rugby. What does this mean to us? The 'emergency' council meeting was acutally called prior to any of these developments, so I would imagine positions are being reviewed as every new piece of news is released. Several Councillors want to grill the Mayor regarding his telephone conversation with a proxy from the Premier's office. Part of the COW meeting on Tuesday will be the presentation by the City Manager regarding the business plan. If I recall correctly, the City devised two plans; one scenario with the Ticats, one without. This business plan was devised utilizing the WH. From what I read in the Spec, Chris Murray will also be updating the Council on his talks with Hostco (if nothing else changes between now and then). Now for the guessing games: The loss of games in Burlington/Markham could be a foreshadowing of things to come for Hamilton, or an opportunity to play a bigger part of the games. At some point, there will be a motion to introduce a new site. That's a lot of new information. However, in trying to comprise correspondence to my councilor I have actually had to reference my original letter; the basic premise of which still holds true - what is the best use of our Future Fund dollars?

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