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By A Hamilton Fan (anonymous) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 21:54:22

Okay Hamiltonians, this blind loyalty in city council saying a stadium must go in the West Harbour baffles me.

Tell me why this idea wouldn't work.

Make a deal to developers they can't refuse. They can have a large amount of property in the West Harbour area if...wait for it...they clean up the brown lands in that area and build a 5000 seat amphitheater. Yes, oh amphitheater and rec centre in the purposed stadium location.

"Not a stadium"...."but the mayor says we need a stadium.", "Amphitheater...but how would that work...why Hamilton Fan why?" say.

It can work but uh oh you'd have to make it attractive to...wait for it...private interests! Yes the dreaded private interests, the same private interests you want to develop the West Harbour area using stadium that will lie dormant as it's selling point.

Ladies and gentlemen those dreaded private interests will clean up that area if they get a return...hmmm...yes Hamiltonians you have to let them make money if you want them to fix the mess another private interest made.

So why the Amphitheater idea?
I'll tell you. Let's break it down shall we. There is a roughly 150 day fair weather outdoor concert season.
Shows for 5000 seat venues usually take 6 to 12 hours to set up. Which makes for 100 possible show dates at the amazing the wonderful West Harbour Performing Arts Amphitheater.
100 dates, with potentially 5000 people attending each event.
That means from May to September you would have over half a million (...that's 500 000 to you an me) people coming down to the West Harbour community.
Here's the kicker, that would mean a constant flow of fresh wallets.
"Why is that?" you ask.
Simple, the amphitheater will host not only music shows from various genre's, it will also host theatrical performances and host cultural celebrations. This means different people on practically a daily basis, coming to the downtown area, going to Hess Village and the new shops and restaurants that would pop up around the new West Harbour amphitheater because of the high traffic it creates.

So Amphitheater = high traffic, of constantly new money, attractive marketability for developers to sell condos and business space. Not to mention, people would be more likely to live by a small amphitheater and rec centre then a stadium.
Tell me why this is a bad idea Hamitlonians. I don't see the problem...West Harbour is reclaimed and revitalized.

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