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By brian (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 18:55:51

Well most of the fear is word of mouth just like anything else. If you tell someone something negative enough times..and they dont really know for themselves...the will tend to believe it. Its kinda like americans trying to tell me people here are saying aboot , when i clearly know im not saying that lol. Actually logically the chances of something happening downtown is less when there is more people around. That doesnt mean things cant happen but its less likely. I think alot of people just dont get out much or something or havent seen the real deal when it comes to real fear. I think alot of is the problem is what is down there (dollar stores etc )and yes it attracts "poor' people...but that doesnt make them dangerous or crackheads..I already posted a link on here before for crime rates for Canadian cities.(2009)..Hamilton is ranked #24. Sure it doesnt break it down to sections of cities but it gives a indication it isnt as bad as people think. Only one CFL city was ranked lower than Hamilton for crime and that was Toronto. Regina #1, Winnipeg #3, Edmonton #5, Vancouver #8 , Montreal #14 and Calgary #18. Other places with higher crime rates were Kitchener #23, Moncton #21, St Catherines-Niagara #20 Sudbury #16, London #15 , Brantford #9, Thunder Bay #7, Saskatoon #2. A few surprises in there but the crime rate for saskatchewan was ranked #1 for 9 years..and Ontario was the lowest for 3 years running. Hamilton has this reputation as the big scary violent place but both Hamilton and Toronto murders rates are low by Canadian standards..never mind American. Hamilton has a long way to go, its a old city and at one point it was the 3rd largest in all of Canada. They let alot of absent owners of buildings let them deteriorate and let go so many great heritage buildings. They never should have let dollar stores and the other crap places right on king street like they have. I agree there is an appearance problem but i really disagree on this overblown hype of violence and crime down there.

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