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By F. Ward Cleat (anonymous) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 13:54:17

...a more prominent site in a central location...along with Burlingtons stadium lose because of lack of GO train access....'If' and that's a big 'IF' we are still going to receive funding for a soccer stadium shouldn't it be centrally located with GO train nearby?
Look whether we support an east, west, north or south site for the stadium the time has arrived for a firm commitement from all partys. HostCo has to come clean and give Hamilton and the Ticats some direction. The Ticats and the City Council need to resolve their dispute by Tuesdays council meeting and put forward a workable stadium site.
'not that easy,' you're right! Seems to me only a few locations fit the bill. Confederation Park, West Harbour, MIP or some other Downtown site.
Confederation Park will need 2/3's of councils support to be considered, not to mention millions in roadway infrastructure (presently has one lane in, one lane out). MIP will need the full support of Mac or it will not likely pass. The West Harbour will need an endorsement from a legacy tenant (Ticats) or 2/3's of Council to remove it. Some other Downtown site is not even on the radar, so that's a big unknown.
'If'(another big 'IF") we have not been set up to fail, the time for debate is over as of Tuesday Aug. 31st. Assuming we can put forward a workable site by then, the ball will be in HostCo's court.

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