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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted August 28, 2010 at 01:56:34

I'm still trying to figure out 'Hamiltonfan's comment. Doesn't this person mean they are a Tiger Cats fan, not a fan of Hamilton?

Why is it that people will go to Hess St., & Locke St., The AGH, if "nobody from more affluent areas" would attend a West Harbour sight? Do they go to Ivor Wynne now, which is only a few blocks away?

Or do they not go at all to Ti-Cat games but promise with all their hearts & souls that, "If we could only drive for miles & sniff what remains of the country air we would surely become football fans overnight."

There are panhandlers around the Dome in Toronto. There are probably 50 to 80 homeless people a night sleeping across the road from Massey Hall, on the church grounds. Yonge St., has more than it's share of crazies, druggies, hookers, & winos, but people still go there. Grange park behind the Art Gallery of Ontario is usually full of the homeless, day & night. I guess if these same people from 'more affluent areas' lived in Toronto, they would be hunkered up in Rosedale, & require an armed guard to get to work.

I guess they would never attend a concert, a hockey game, the Santa Clause Parade, Caribana, or go to the museum with their kids? No, probably not. They'd probably just go to The Mall, where 'cross contamination' couldn't happen?

They might as well move to a place where there is nothing to do, no where to go, & stop occupying a space that somebody else could actually Enjoy.

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