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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted August 27, 2010 at 22:46:11

I was asking on another thread a few weeks ago, "Who owns that land on East mountain?"
(If anybody cared to find out, I'm sure they could @ City Hall. I haven't a clue what the tax roll number or the address is for the property in question. That would make the search very difficult.)

Maybe i missed it in media reports, but it is normally reported who currently owns the property, the exact location, etc. when something like this is proposed.(Or is this just another super dooper secret 'Hamilton Thang'?)

At least if ORC lands are close neighbours of that site, we might make a few assumptions about 'Why' the Liberals seemed to favour East Mountain. I wonder exactly How close-? Is it possible that it is an ORC owned property?

This interference & meddling is getting to be A Bit MUCH!

(It's too bad David Miller won't run again in Toronto. Polls show that he would win.
'Can't wait to see what the Ont. Libs have up their sleeves when the Hamilton Mayoralty race starts in real earnest. They are obviously trying to discredit Fred already.)

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