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By brian (registered) | Posted August 27, 2010 at 07:26:31

Wow ponto thanks for the piece of comedy we are all rolling here. I read Bob Young's report and reasoning of why the West Harbor wouldn't work. There is this odd assumption that everyone would all park at one spot down there and directly drive to the stadium. Parking lots are spread out much like they are in other cities which helps with congestion. This is exactly why in the more than 35 years attending Ticat games i have never experienced any big delay getting out of there. I can rememember the days when most games where sold out in the 70's and nothing like that ever occured. I've been to events at Copps where it sold out and managed to park right across the street and everyone got out in mins. Have you ever been to Toronto when there is muliple events going on the same night?..i have. Have you never been to Union Station and gone to a event at the rogers stadium and walked all that way from there...i have and so have thousands..I went there for a Blue Jay game..a red hot chilli peppers concert was at the ACC and the theatre district was letting out. Thousands of people poured out into the street in all directions. Thousands parked many blocks away from where they went and others walked back to union station to get a bus or train and others took the TTC. Bob Young was basing this stadium being only 20,000..he was also basing it on the assumption of how many would go there. He came out with a insane number of losing 7 million dollars down there which was nothing but a bold face lie. I've checked the numbers of other teams and how much it costs to run was a fake number to make his point. This crap of parking is nuts some CFL teams have no onsite parking period..notably Edmonton (the biggest stadium, more than twice the size of this proposed one). Whatever experts he got im sure they didnt look at CFL teams, how they are operated..parking etc. Sorry but costing 80-100 million more at another location is a non-starter. Toronto practically on a daily basis has more traffic than Hamilton has ever had at anytime in its history no matter what is going on here and always has events that would easily compare to us having a stadium down there. You are talking 10 game days and a few other events that would get crowds of 25,000..its not really alot of people unless you live in a small town or really cant think for yourself and are letting Bob Young do all your thinking for you.

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