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By z jones (registered) | Posted August 27, 2010 at 07:20:12

uh, cuz the mayor took bribes

[citation definitely needed]

uh he completely ignored the study done by experts who actualy build and run stadiums that says the west harbour is the worst site to put a stadium

You mean the study the Ticats say they have but won't show anyone?

no research was done on any other location

Wrong, the other sites were studied but didn't meet the city's development objectives.

he thought the tigetcats would enjoy moving to a site that would cause them to go bankrupt

No it won't.

they counted all private residential parking within a 5 mile radius and said 'plenty of parking'

Wrong, they counted the commercial parking within a ten minute walk.

they forgot to mention that remediation of west harbour lands would cost 100 million

Try $5 million - from a real study as opposed to the Ticats pretend study.

they forgot to mention that it took 5000 people 2 hours to leave west harbour by car after the canada day fireworks


because there was no investors for west harbour

Wrong, Molinaro Group and others were very interested.

nor was there a business plan

Yes there was, again an actual plan unlike the Ticats business plans.

You win a big fat FAIL at making arguments.

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