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By brian (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 16:02:36

Thats right...BMO field in Toronto could care less if you go by that stadium....they only care if you watch Toronto FC on TV and see the name. Im going to assume 99% of people in Toronto know there is such an arena called the ACC and what it means, without ever going by it. The vast majority of people going to the ticats games are from the Hamilton region...and im certain most of them will remember where the stadium is and where it is located and what it is called!. I cant remember who said it but they made the point it would have cost next to nothing for BMO just to put a billboard at the side of the highway. That is the exact reason television exposure across the entire country is what its all about. The majority of the CFL fans within 50 miles of Hamilton will know its called "X stadium"..they wont need to drive by it to remember. I can understand...most people going by the highway wouldnt be Ticat fans and the company would be advertising to the none-fan but this obessesion with a highway which might attract a few hundred fans otherwise is puzzling. What will attract people mostly will be the fact it is a NEW stadium..they usually attract more the first 3-5 years (skydome for instance) but actually winning will keep them there. If the ticats kept on the wicked pace of winning 30% of their games since he owned them...guess what will happen. I also think of having a large parking lot to charge people maybe $15 dollars per car is like having 3 people pay $5 dollars more poor ticket, without calling it that.

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