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By arienc (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 15:26:25

Brian: "A lot of the naming rights money is for the exposure on TV not just for people maybe seeing it near a highway."

Brian - I completely agree with you. The idea that naming rights for a stadium are somehow connected with highway exposure is ludicrous.

If you need to advertise your business to commuters driving on the highway, you erect a billboard, you don't buy stadium naming rights.

Bob Young's calculations also assume somehow that the eyeballs of the person speeding by on the freeway are somehow worth more than the eyeballs of the people walking or jogging by the Bayfront. I think that assumption would also be a mistake.

Maybe the City should offer to put up flashy LED gateway signs along the freeways saying something to the effect of

"Welcome to Hamilton, Home of (insert corporate name here) Stadium and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats." There's your highway exposure, at no charge to the Cats. Whaddya say, Caretaker?

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