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By brian (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 15:19:32

Would the Longwood/Aberdeen location have good enough exposure to the highway. Bob Young is so big on the naming rights..which who knows that that would bring in. I checked to see what it brings in for Saskatchwan its $375,000 dollars per year...this in the land of the biggest CFL football fans in the country. I read Bob Young's comments on the Ticat site about naming rights...he said Ivor Wynne never has had naming rights because of where it is location. Doing some checking it wasn't until Winnipeg got naming rights in 2001 for Canad stadium did any CFL city have name rights either. They got a deal worth $1.75 million ...for 10 years. Only 3 CFL cities currently have naming rights, regina, winnipeg and toronto. Toronto only has naming rights because of who owns them (and the blue jays)..that really means really only 2 basically. I'm not sure how much Bob Young thinks he would get but its not in the he is saying. If he runs the stadium like other teams..he could easily lose that stadium naming rights in a year...Winnipeg paid 2.7 million management fees for their stadium and it brought in 2.2 million (2009) a loss of around 500 grand. This location only really has 2 ways in..aberdeen and longwood . If all the parking would be at the stadium i could imagine the traffic crawling out of there. Alot of the naming rights money is for the exposure on TV not just for people maybe seeing it near a highway.

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