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By brian (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 13:37:25

Here we go with the parking thing again. Edmonton with a 60,000 seat stadium has no on-site parking period. You also can't park in the neighborhoods like you can at Ivor Wynne. There use to be a time in the 80's when that stadium was packed with twice as many people as Hamilton ever averaged. In fact in Edmonton they get free parking with a game day ticket (at six parking lots, a mall and 5 bus/lrt locations. They also reimburse the bus/lrt people for that service. By doing so they save one car a extra 20-30 dollars per game..basically resulting in one person getting a free ticket. They also do it to lesson the traffic around the stadium and they know how to attract fans..not to build a 7,000 car parking lot to rip then off for $15. No wonder they were able to draw the crowds over the years and been the number one team in ticket sales for years . Why do people say people wont go down there when concerts sell out at Copps and 13,000 season ticket deposits for a NHL team were made..its just absolute bull..everytime i hear it i know these people are on another planet. The richest guy in the area was for something that if it goes wrong could lose you as much money in one yr as a CFL team loses in 10 years.

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