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By arienc (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 13:24:07

I'd like to expand on the business sense of Bob Young wanting to put his (or rather taxpayers') money behind WH.

First off, investing $30 million to build a 60 acre parking lot makes no sense for Bob Young.

As I stated earlier, it would cost over $30/game for parking just to break even on it - never mind collect any additional revenue to support the team.

Add to that increased operating costs and all the things the city is paying for now that the Cats said they were going to pick up at East Mountain...

Bob Young would have lost millions more at EM than he does now at Ivor Wynne if he funded construction of the parking lot.

So essentially the argument comes down the city's Future Fund best spent on providing a giant parking lot for Tiger-Cats fans which Bob Young will collect the revenues from? Or is it best spent on providing jobs?

Fred Eisenberger has made the right choice, which is crystal clear when you look at it in any depth whatsoever.

Any location where parking is not already existing will not fly, either from a business or city-building standpoint.

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