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By brian (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 13:02:58

It is mind boggling. I did a rough estimate of what hamilton's GDP would be.. based on (Hamilton 500,000 - app 1 1/2 percent of the Canadian population). The Canadian GDP was 1.5 trillion in 2008..which would make the Hamilton area in the range of 10-15 billion. Like Ryan just stated $15 million or whatever the number is, is a drop in a single Fortinos would surpass that amount easily. I know having a sports team in a city is important for recognition but it does very little financially for a city...and when it comes to a league that has 9 home games + one pre-season it isn't much. Obviously anywhere Bob Young wants a team..95% + percent of any money spent would be at the stadium and into the ticats, not to the city. Any outside people would simple drive to the stadium, park, spend some money at the game and go home. I know its great for people to say when the say they are from Hamilton..people mention the Ticats but what does that do for a city if 99% of those people dont even come here and probably never will. Regina fans aside not too many people in Canada are going to go for vacation somewhere just to go to a CFL game (grey cup the exception). I dont know what it is about sports that gets everyone agreeing to things they would never in any other business. There is no way another business giving less than 10% of the money would get 100% of the say..its nuts. If some company came around and said we want to build a factory for 2000 workers but the city of hamilton/taxpayers have to pay 90 % of the 150-200 million dollar cost..would they agree to it?..course not. If that was true they would be lining up left right and center to build them.

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