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By brian (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 11:47:09

I also agree the Mark Cohon letter was disgusting. Threatening a city like that and saying Hamilton would never get another team if they left. Is this how you treat thousands of your fans?...just because you dont like the decision of a few people?. That is something that is totally out of the hands of your fans and even if i was pro East Mountain i would be disgusted. There is no way i would want to support someone that makes a threat like that. Harold Ballard did the same thing in the 80's and just look how the attendance dropped. It slowly got worse and didnt recover for years after that. Thousands of people stopped supporting the ticats and they never came back. The main reason people haven't shown up is because of the lousy records..i mean only 13 times between 1973-2009 did they average 50% wins or more..its awful. Bob Young has won 30% of his games since he owned them and wants to blame the city/ stadium for losing money. Seasons of 1, 2 and 3 wins...he should be thankful that many people have supported him. Also the clowns at the ticat forum are still doing the old bashing of the downtown, people wont go down there etc...than why the hell does Copps sell out when you get a good act in there. Why did 13,000 people put deposits down on a potential NHL team .All those people going to Copps dont live in Hamilton..but anyway. I guess these people want the downtown to just get worse and do nothing about it and think its a good thing for a city.

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