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By arienc (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 09:55:04

I sense the public momentum behind the West harbour location has dissipated, given the Ti-Cats recent silence and talk of moving to Milton, Oshawa or Quebec.

Comments in the Spec are now overwhelmingly anti-WH and anti-Fred.
The Cats seem to be holding all the cards at this moment, and are content to sit there and let the city stew and cave in to their threats.

Yes, West Harbour is by far the best location. But it's going to die unless the Cats or some other major tenant suddenly see the light.

If I were running the Cats, I would put my money behind WH.

There'd be no way I'd ever consider investing $30 million to build a 60 acre parking lot.

I'd have to charge over $30/game for parking just to break even on it - never mind collect any additional revenue to support the team.

Add to that increased operating costs and all the things the city is paying for now that the Cats said they were going to pick up at East Mountain...

Forget it, that wasn't going to happen. Bob Young would have lost millions more up there, and he will lose millions more at any location which requires him to connstruct a massive surface parking lot.

But unfortunately the Cats, as well as many businesses in the city, are run by people who don't understand and don't really care about the dynamism of the urban centre, and what it means to the rest of the region. Nor do they have any concern about this continued coddling of automobiles first and putting people second.

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