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By brian (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 06:41:00

I think most cities would find the operating cost would be a challenge, im sure just about every CFL stadium knows this. All the CFL stadiums are basically run at a loss just to have a team and a new stadium in Hamilton would be no different. I'm sure we may hear a few more places being mentioned by other cities before this gets settled but once they realize the cost of building a stadium and a complete unknown whether a CFL team will wont get too far. I think if this doesn't work out in Hamilton the cats could fold. Ottawa has a team coming for 2013 and it wouldn't be out of the question for Hamilton to play one extra year at Ivor Wynne and play the 2012 season here. After that Bob Young can fold the team and the players could be subject to a draft for the Ottawa team. That way Ottawa would instantly get decent players and field a good team right from the start. Maybe the CFL would give Bob Young the 7 million dollar expansion fee Ottawa is paying or compensate him some way. Ottawa lost the team twice and Hamilton and Toronto have come very close many times. If it wasn't for Molson stadium, Montreal would have been gone as well. The CFL is popular in the cities they play but outside of Saskatchewan where there is rabid fans finding other places where you can get crowds of around 29,000-30,000 to break even wouldnt be easy. Halifax, Quebec city maybe but realistically anywhere else is a longshot.

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