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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted August 24, 2010 at 08:27:56

I love the comments from the anti WH crowd. They use words like disaster, white elephant, "experts say it won't work".... etc etc. NOT ONE OF THEM HAS CITED ANY STUDY QUOTED ANY KNOWN AND RESPECTED URBAN PLANNER OR STADIUM FACILITY BUILDER in their attempts to discredit WH. On the other hand, city staff, have over the last 10 years built a very solid case FOR the West Harbour including transportation studies, parking studies, potential for spin off effects on the downtown and on and on.

When Bob Young or Scott Mitchell or PJ Mercanti or any of the other "champions of enterprise" that oppose WH can actually put some paper on the table that supports their position, or bring forward one of their many so called "experts" that have advised them on what a disaster WH is going to be.......MAYBE I might begin to give them a bit of credibility. Until then I will continue to hold the position that they tried a power play that went off the rails and now they are trying to sabotage the democratic process so they can say "I told you so".

With respect to Mayor Eisenberger not revealing a phone call from Dalton McGuinty, what exactly was he supposed to say? "Um the Premier called me and tried to influence a municipal decision with an unsubstantiated promise of help and a mystery amount of money if we do A instead of B" ?

What would the public say if they found out their mayor had been bought by Dalton's Mafia?

The entire process of even looking at the east mountain was done to try and accomodate the Tiger Cats. This was AFTER years of study had gone into West Harbour and it had been selected by the City of Hamilton as the preferred site to build a stadium using over $60 million of our money. The East Mountain site FAILED miserably on a number of fronts. End of story.

Again this issue is NOT ABOUT BUILDING A STADIUM FOR A PRIVATE BUSINESS AND THEN HANDING THEM THE KEYS. Its about legacy sports infrastructure and city building. The West Harbour site meets both of those objectives.. The Tiger Cats should be jumping up and down with glee that they will have a new facility to play in and working with the city to find ways to maximize the opportunity before them.

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