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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted August 23, 2010 at 19:04:41

HamiltonFan said...
"Bob, stick to your guns, the WH is a disaster site for a 45,000 plus Grey Cup event."

Let me see if I can remember...1997 was the last time we hosted the Grey Cup. The event at IWS was not sold out and Timmmy Ho's had to buy the last 5000 tickets to prevent a national embarassment.

1972 was the year I was born, and I could research it but I don't care, because even if it did sell out and was a raucous success, the infrequency of these types of events hardly makes them worth factoring into a growth strategy for a city.

The reason why Hamilton doesn't have an NHL team has nothing to do with Hamilton. The reason we have no NHL team is because of the Toronto Maple Leafs (most powerful monopoly in pro sports), and to a lesser extent, the Buffalo Sabres (would eventually be bankrupted by competition from an NHL team in Hamilton).

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