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By jason (registered) | Posted August 23, 2010 at 17:02:06

everyone needs to keep in mind that the Mayor himself said at the Hess Village rally that he is receiving 'new information almost hourly'.

Is he supposed to have a 24/7 conference call open with all councillors and update them every hour on the province's attempts to hijack our local planning and their attempts to dictate where OUR stadium should go merely for their own political gain??

Bob Bratina also said the same thing at the rally - "the info is changing hourly". At the end of the day council did the right thing and stuck to their guns.
Be very wary of any of them who are registered or affiliated with the Liberal Party. It's the Media, the Mafia and the Party Machine all over again (note: another Liberal-friendly voice at CHML these days.....)

Some of us care about Hamilton. Many of 'them' care about their party. Don't buy their nonsense. Keep our city number one in this whole discussion.

Every Hamiltonian should read this book:

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