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By F. Ward Cleat (anonymous) | Posted August 23, 2010 at 15:23:28

'Put the pieces Downtown.' This article nails it. The West Harbour Stadium will serve one purpose above and beyond any other. It will bring people Downtown. Hundreds of thousands of people yearly. If we are ever going to see Downtown Renewal this one development has the potential to be the catalyst. At least 5 Hotel developments Downtown have been stuck in the proposal stage for several years. Numerous mixed commercial/residential developments are in limbo. The one requirement for all these developments to move forward is attracting people back to the core to live, work and play. I don't think the divisive stadium debate is all about site location. The Tiger-Cats will forfeit hundreds of thousands of revenue dollars by agreeing to the best location for the City of Hamilton, West Harbour. All the highway locations will cause the city to forfeit millions in development fees and taxes. As well as squander yet another downtown renewal opportunity. The divide is a couple million yearly. One possible solution might be a community partnership with Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats. This could take many forms. Citizen shareholders, consortiums, community ownership, or some sort of hybrid. We need to get past this site debate by finding solutions that work for Greater Hamilton and our Tiger-Cats.

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