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By lorne (registered) - website | Posted August 23, 2010 at 09:33:10

The two questions you pose at the end of this article are excellent. The fact that no one on council is asking them suggests a fear of embarrassing the Province, on which Hamilton is so dependent for that yearly infusion of millions they seek to keep the tax hikes low. The lesson: civic integrity can be bought for about $12.5 million.

Why The Hamilton Spectator and other media refuse to do some digging is much harder to answer.

It has been obvious to me from the beginning that the 'story' we were told by the McGuinty Government cannot be true, i.e., that a single phone call from a private citizen, Ian Troop, relaying a message from the Federal Government, prompted the Province to withdraw its support for the West Harbour. Such an assertion is an insult to our intelligence. The Federal Government's subsequent denial of such a call served only to compound the insult.

Their actions are a clear indication of what they expect from the voting public: apathy and/or acceptance of any tale they choose to spin. What it says about their mouthpieces, Ted McMeekin and Sophia Aggelonitis, I'll leave for others to decide.

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