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By UrbanRenaissance (registered) | Posted August 23, 2010 at 09:22:34

I can see why Mayor Fred didn't tell council about the call at the time because presumably, any potential assistance for the downtown from the higher levels of government (vague as it was) disappeared the next day when they backtracked on their EM only stand. Not to mention it would be one more vague rumour clouding the true debate.

But what I don't understand, is why he denied the claim when Dianni called him out? Especially when he knows Dianni and Cunningham are in tight with the provincial Liberals and probably knew about the call. That's just a dumb move politically.

To be honest this whole thing is like a tempest in a teapot, all it proves is that rather than debating the merits of the stadium locations the ones in charge would rather play politics and further divide this city for shallow political gain.

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