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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 21, 2010 at 21:32:06

From another post -

The following article from only a year and a half ago makes for interesting reading. Pay special attention to Scott Mitchell's comments on the fact that the Tiger-Cats would be "viable to some extent" at Ivor Wynne and to the fact that he consistently mentions only a "new stadium" without even alluding to location.

"HAMILTON TEAM SETS RULES IN STADIUM BID February 26, 2009 Copyright 2009 MediaVentures

Hamilton, Ontario - Build a new stadium with lots of financial help or go it alone with Ivor Wynne: Those are the two options facing the city, according to Hamilton Tiger-Cats' Scott Mitchell.

The team president said, while the Cats are willing to contribute "millions to tens of millions of dollars" along with other private partners toward a new multi-use facility for the 2015 Pan Am Games that would then be home to the football team, the team is no longer willing to make financial contributions to maintaining the existing Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Mitchell says the team has already paid $7 million in costs related to the stadium in recent years and isn't prepared to keep spending on the 79-year-old facility that has "limited economic spinoff" for the club.

"We put that money in on the basis of a long-term solution becoming available with the new stadium but, if the city did choose to maintain Ivor Wynne stadium, it would still keep us viable to some extent. But we wouldn't be interested in participating in any additional costs at Ivor Wynne," Mitchell said.

His comments come a day after a report by David Adames on the Pan Am Games bid raised the possibility not building a new stadium could cost Hamilton its only professional sports franchise.

The report states C$18 million to C$20 million will be required over the next five to 10 years just to maintain the stadium and a major renovation is estimated to cost about C$94 million. "There is also risk the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the main tenant at Ivor Wynne and potential partner in a new stadium, may leave Hamilton should a new stadium not be built," he wrote. Mitchell said he spoke to Adames but never told him specifically the Cats would leave without a new stadium.

Nonetheless, Mitchell says the situation needs to be dealt with.

"Either there has to be a new facility in Hamilton or there has to be a major renovation to Ivor Wynne Stadium. If the city doesn't want to do either, obviously we'd have to look at other places to play," he said.

Mitchell said the team doesn't want to appear to be "putting a gun to the city's head," but thinks the decision is straightforward. (Hamilton Spectator)"

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