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By brian (registered) | Posted August 21, 2010 at 01:02:14

Saying COPPS is a white elephant is interesting. A outdoor 25,000 stadium probably would have less events at it than COPPS. It wouldn't be open year round for instance and couldn't host alot of things copps can. It would actually be in competition with copps for certain concerts (like elton john) where more than likely he would have played there. Even if a stadium is built it wont change a certain fact about where hamilton is located. When concerts are played in Toronto there is deals in place that state that they cant play within a certain distance of Toronto (within a certain time frame). This is why Hamilton loses alot of concerts not because copps can't attract them. If the Katz group and Live Nation get together and take over Copps that would probably change and you would see a increase in events there. If you base it on other CFL stadiums it's unlikely it would make a profit. I'm really curious as to why bob young thinks it would be and why Hamilton would be different. .

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