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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted August 21, 2010 at 00:39:09

One thing about "here" is there are so many people who physically never left the 'Burbs or the higher end areas of Hamilton. Even if they physically left for a time, their mindset was still in Middle America. Even if they came here from another white collar ghetto, in another place, it's just a transplant from one piece of suburbia to another, with no change required.

One thing that is noticeable right away in higher end areas of any city is the absence of the disabled, the mentally ill, the poor, & the very old. This is because people there have the means to 'remove' them to hospitals, chronic care facilities, group & seniors homes etc.. Sometimes people are just abandoned by their families & left to fend for themselves -in the City.

Like minded people have expectations of their neighbours & that involves everyone being 'Normal' because that's the front that is expected & demanded. It's another part of conforming & being part of a group. But at what cost?

The same situation was part of the problem faced by Blacks & other minorities in the 50's, 60's & 70's. As they moved into more affluent areas, the other residents resisted their inclusion, or in some cases, moved away to Outter Suburbia. Single & divorced women faced many of the same prejudices during that time.

FYI Yesterday a teenage kid was walking down my street spitting & swearing. I live in the Burbiest Burb of all the Burbs. Maybe he was trying to be all tough & Urban, but likely he was just another snotty (literally) little brat having a wee fit cuz life wasn't perfect all the time. I can see that he will fit in here just fine, what with his demands of 24/7/365 day a year 'perfection'.

Swearing? Most of those 12 words that George Carlin loved so dearly are very old words. The F. bomb is found in numerous serious pieces of literature from before the time of Shakespeare. (I think he may have used it too.)
English is a language that never stops evolving, even the naughty bits. If somebody doesn't like whats on the radio, they can turn it off. If you don't like what you are hearing, don't listen. I'm far less offended by a little cussing than I am by $%#@!(())^$!! Glen Beck.

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