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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted August 20, 2010 at 16:17:12

I must be missing some of the information ~ my understanding was that within the criteria of the Pan Am Games, the site must have a 'secured, long term Tenant'...I thought that the Ti-Cats were supposed to be that Tenant ? For the record, I do not watch football, I do not live near the WH nor EM...I am a business woman whom pays too much for property taxes to the City of Hamilton for nothing in return...From my professional stand point; anyone who wishes to make a profit (decent living), must know how to run their company successfully. In Mr.Young's case, he knows what is best for his business. He has poured millions of dollars into this City via the Ti-Cats, was willing to invest more for a new stadium and help rejuvinate the WH. Real estate close to and on the water is prime land...The City should concentrate on it's 'Setting Sails' agenda ~ mixed housing, light commercial, restaurants, walkways ~ simular to 'Olde Montreal' and 'The Port'...If any taxpayer truley wishes WH to win, look at our neighbors to the East and develop the core properly~ this will provide a permanent tax base with no loss...If the taxpayers wish to see us secure the Pan Am Stadium, look at the man who has a vision on what needs to happen for him and ultimately all of us to succeed. Please think twice about who is saying or doing what...look at all of the facts, not just through someone else's lenses. For some reason, even though a mediator suggested an alternative site, Council did not listen (more money down the drain) I want HAMILTON TO SUCCEED ! That will take the effort of everyone taking a step back and developing both sites in a profitable way. The WH needs major clean up (who knows what MOE will demand before it is deemed 'shovel ready', add into that the infrastructure, water, sewage, roads...this is not going to be a quick fix, the games are coming in 2015...We need a site large enough to entice more entertainment, not a one time shot. We have the opportunity to have a win/win here...Build a large enough stadium to host the Games, house the Ti-Cats, secure a Grey Cup and welcome open air concerts...Let's build the best at both worlds...not fight for any one cause. We have a chance to work together here, the passion that both sides feel is amazing...I am 100% behind rejuvinating the West Harbor ~ a stadium will not do it...I am 100% behind the Ti-Cats being successful~ a larger stadium, different location will do it...Bottom line is we all want Hamilton to grow and make money...West Harbor and East Mountain is Hamilton. Have an amazing day and bravo to everyone for working on making a difference !

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