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By brian (registered) | Posted August 19, 2010 at 21:32:47

Sell outs are possible they occur during labor games. The question is why dont all these people go to all the games?..minus the Toronto fans. I'm going to make a point general CFL teams don't make money..this has been going on for 30+years. This includes places with larger crowds and they manage the stadium and collect that revenue. You only have so many dates available for a outdoor stadium. A football team and a soccer team easily take 1 month out of that time frame. The soccer league team he wants averages 4,000 people per game, with numbers being inflated by the two top teams. I read the salaries are in the 20,000-40,000 range but with travel costs etc would it be profitable? i heard only 2 teams were making profit. Montreal and Portland are doing well but...Balitmore ave 1,049, Miami ave 1,286 Minnesota 1,374 Carolina 2,184 Puerto Rico 2,288 St. Louis 2,824 Austin 3,615 Tampa Bay 4,574 Vancouver 5,080 Rochester 6,068 Portland 9,590 Montreal 12,273. For the most part i dont see how this venture would be profitable...those attendance figures are as of aug 18, 2010. There was 14 former teams 2005-2009 in this league as well.There is only so many events you would be able to hold at this stadium and given situations/time frames could take events from Copps, it is easy to see that happening. The opening of MMA to ontario could be a good prospect of filling the stadium maybe other events but i think you would have to look to other canadian outdoor stadiums as to whether they are profitable ot not. On the basis only a few teams have the last so many years (mostly because of hosting a grey cup)its obvious and i don't see Hamilton being different.

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