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By redcliff (anonymous) | Posted August 19, 2010 at 11:50:31

Longwood and Dundurn all of the way..this is a nice compromise for those on both sides of this debate


- Urban redevelopment (may not be contaminated ground, but still redevelopment)
- Public transit access HSR, GO Bus and GO Train(there is a rail spur right beside the location - easily accessible by GO)
- Parking would be reclaimed from abandoned gravel surface off of Frid
- Congestion should be cut down due to access to 403 (people will jump on 403 to link - rather than cutting down Aberdeen)
- Realizing that the downtown may not get a direct boost - but option is better than the ti-cats leaving and not having a presence in the city
- A stadium is not the cure to downtown revitalization and renewal, I understand that there would have been some benefit but LRT and gentrification of current business district can help the process along much faster and maintain a sustainable downtown (if the cats are having a poor season i.e., 5,ooo people 9 times a year is not going to revitalize the downtown core - nor will the high school finals played in the stadium)
- boost to ailing portion of Main St. W. and Dundurn St. district
- promote use of bikelanes on Dundurn St


-Highway visibility
-Easily service their fan base via 403 and Go access
-Sufficient parking should be available to drive revenue requirement sought by Ti-Cat organization
-Accommodates both - those seeking a driveway to driveway option or those wish to access stadium via public transit

These are just a couple of points off the top of my head. I think the point I am trying to develop is that in life people have to make fair compromises. In my mind this would appear to be a fair compromise....

On a personal note, I understand some people have no interest in the Tiger Cats whatsoever or maintaining their presence in Hamilton.

However, I still enjoy hearing the stories from my wifes 94 year old granddfather about the epic battles that took place on the HAAA grounds by the Hamilton Tiger Cats (If the Ti-Cats were a building, they would be considered a heritage site).

To be honest I am not what you would call a loyal die hard fan, I attend maybe 2-3 games a year but the I heavily value and support my tax dollars going towards the Tiger Cats because they are an institution of this City (You only had to be at the final playoff game last year to understand what I am talking about).

Cities the size of Hamilton need things to rally around, something to cheer for once in a while. The Ti-Cats are Hamilton's elite team (by Canadian standards). Losing them would have a greater effect than I think is fully understood.

Sometimes you have to deal with greed and take the high road, because you know the result will benefit the greater good of everyone.

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