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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted August 19, 2010 at 10:05:08

I think we all understand what he's getting at, but I totally see AnneMariePavlov's point too, and it's really valid.

Scooters are for people who CAN walk, just not as well as the rest of us. It's really not possible to tell from a distance why they need one.

Picture yourself with a neuromuscular condtion. It's degenerative - ya didn't always have it and you have no real hope of getting better - only worse. Half the time you're fine - you can walk, ride a bike, or participate in sports. You show no outward signs. The other half, a good chunk of your body is paralysed. And you don't know when it'll happen.

Then imagine overhearing talk like this. And keep in mind that most of the talk we all hear on this subject in person is far less polite.

How would you feel? Offended, probably.

I make a point to take a very "innocent until proven guilty" approach when it comes to people's disabilities.

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