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By Andrea (registered) | Posted August 19, 2010 at 09:28:52

On a positive note, there is also another Ticat rally, organized by Chris Ecklund, taking place on Saturday Sept 4 @ Pier 8 (new bandshell). It seems to be much more about the love of the Ticats, and less about business and politics.

You can find the event on Facebook.!/event.php?eid=130485693662214&index=1

This one is being promoted as follows:

"Hey Folks Chris Ecklund here, its time we all come together and celebrate our LOVE for The Hamilton Tiger Cats and show our appreciation to Bob Young. This is a Rally to show our Love for the team and that we want them to STAY in Hamilton!!!!

East or West our Tiger Cats are the best!!!!

Come join us for as we celebrate our love for the Tiger Cats and Bob Young on Saturday September 4th at Noon till 4 pm.

The rally will take place at Pier 8 at the new bandshell on the waterfront by Williams Coffee Pub. This is located right at the Discovery Centre.

This is not a statement of what stadium location is best but it will be a statement from all Hamiltonians to Bob Young that we love our Tiger Cats and want the team to stay right here in Hamilton!!!

So this is the chance for every Hamiltonian to get involved, spread the word, talk to your friends and neighbours and invite ALL your Facebook friends to join this group!!!

I will also be giving away 100 tickets to the Labour Day Game to the best dressed fans and the best signs!!!! "

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