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By frank (registered) | Posted August 19, 2010 at 08:48:06

Chris, since everyone else's attempts at being nice have failed to put a dent in your sarcasm or even get you to see past propaganda bs, I'm going to be straight. You sound like you're unable to actually complete any type of logical thinking; you've fallen for hype and your idiotic drivel, while amusing at times and usually self serving, is a sad indication of your failure to do something as simple as read studies that may or may not (and in this case they wouldn't) support any argument you have. Your baseless, hyperbolic, finger-pointing, pessimistic, and sarcastic statements and your inability to form opinions based on factual evidence is sad. I'm sorry you're creating rain on your own parade-it must be sad and lonely in Angelworld.

Bottom line is you're making yourself sound like an annoying prick trying to mask yourself as a polite individual. People who post here aren't averse to opinions other than theirs, I've read many peoples' arguments in fact some peoples' arguments have caused me to rethink my position on matters. It's when someone comes along presenting opinions and random "feelings" as facts that I have a hard time taking them for real.

Shemp, I admire your attempts to address Chris's arguments and yours as well brian but sometimes it's better to just move on. While Chris's mind may not change, there are other people out there who might actually be able to read for themselves and participate in some sort of logical thinking process based on facts. Chris is simply trolling and trying to create an emotional reaction when that's the opposite of what is needed.

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