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By brian (registered) | Posted August 19, 2010 at 06:23:54

Count it before you have it..what are you going on about?...Spectator July 28th "The stewards of the city's Future Fund say the legacy account can only be used for a stadium at the west harbour. if council chooses the east Mountain next month -- or any site other than the west harbour -- the board says the $60 million it has approved to build a Pan Am stadium should be pulled.". I know they dont techically have the full say and the city could pretty much trump that idea if they chose another site...but they are for the harbor..they approved that location...if the pan-am people say ok..its a done deal..unless they have to do a vote for the 6th time!!. That money and government money is only enough for 15,000 seats and yes there is always a chance of extra costs. The east mountain would have been 80 million plus extra...and that doesnt even include more than 25 million to make it a 25,000 seat stadium...that would have been 100 million +. There is no money and would result in easily a 5% tax increase....even to this day Bob Young doesnt have the money to make it a 25,000 seat stadium...why do people forget this anyway???

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