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By djenkins6 (anonymous) | Posted August 19, 2010 at 05:49:49

I'm writing to add my comment that West Harbour is the place for the stadium. Multiple methods of access will mean easy access unlike the gridlock that will ensue at an east mountain stadium. Tiger Cats want to control access to the east mountain site so that they get all the revenue for any events, in West Harbour they have to share the revenue and thats the real reason they don't like it.

Look at Cardiff Millennium Stadium as an example of a stadium right in the city close to the railway station that helped to rejuvenate the city. The atmosphere in Cardiff on game days is unbelievable with all the people arriving by train and bus, and filling the car parks all around the city. The bars and restaurants are packed, and even when the stadium is filled, the people who don't have tickets go to the bars/restaurants to watch to share the experience before and after the game with the ones who had tickets.

Right now access would be manageable, add in LRT and it will really improve the fan experience, being able to use McMaster parking lots (more revenue) in the evening for example and get on an LRT, or from the other direction make us of section of eastgate parking lot as park and ride facilities will bring people in and out very efficiently. A north south LRT from the airport will enable fly in's to be at the venue in 30 to 60 minutes.

Now a bit of imagination, how about ferries bringing people from Niagara and Toronto straight to a pier close by the stadium, this would be impossible at an east mountain location.

The permanent velodrome will bring world class athletes to the best North American site of this kind year round, and with the Hamilton topography which cyclists loved during 2003 event, will open up the possibility of more such events. How about an annual around the city race like the around the bay road race.

The vision of the city is right and the West Harbour is the only option that makes sense.

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